I’m just writing this down for my own sake for now. And maybe, if there’s anyone out there who’s disabled and uses a service dog too, you’d understand.

I have had everything all laid out for a local program that trains service dogs for the disabled. I’ve had so many stressful feelings of ‘What if they think I’m too complex or I’m not disabled enough or what if they can’t help me’.
I had no idea where I would turn to next, because I can’t fly right now. I don’t know how to fundraise alone, I don’t know how to owner train alone or anything. Finding programs that train for my needs is incredibly difficult if not near impossible anyway.

I’ve talked about this to some friends, who coincidentally have trained their own service dogs for many years by now. One of them shares some of the same issues as I do and understands on a deeper level than just being told. When I explained I can’t stand the texture of a lab’s fur and that’s why I would never own one, she understood -exactly- what I meant and offered a better alternative.

Tonight she told me that she has an apprentice she talked to today about me, who has trained mobility x autism service dogs and would be willing to help me out. He would be willing to fly down and help me. My friend knows how to pick healthy dogs from breeding lines so I wouldn’t be faced with the higher chances of a dog dying young because of cancer or other genetic issues. She could help pick the right temperment so I’m not faced with the chances of a dog being “washed out” or retired early because theyre unsuited for public work.

And the timing is perfect too, because this year for the both of us is too busy, but he has nothing planned next year and I’m hoping to be in a more stable position next year too. It takes about a year or two of training anyway. So within 2-3 years I might have a service dog.

You have NO clue how this makes me feel. Words can’t express it.



~ by silachan on May 7, 2013.

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